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CAL-MAG supplies highly bioavailable calcium, magnesium and 500 IU vitamin D3 for strong teeth, bones and preventing osteoporosis. Calcium & magnesium is also needed for the production of fresh new skin cells. Preventing premature aging. Best Anti-aging supplements.

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Calcium and Magnesium are needed daily for healthy cells

Watch this 2 min video below.

Calcium and Magnesium also reduce PMS symptoms and maintain healthy blood pressure. Calcium contract the muscles and magnesium relax the muscles. This is needed daily for strong muscles, healthy heart and blood pressure in the arteries.

Calcium and Magnesium reduce lines and wrinkles


The cells in your skin, need magnesium daily for ATP (cellular energy) production in cells.

As fresh new skin cells form at the basal layer (1), they push the skin cells (2-3) until they reach the top layer (4). This process brings fresh new skin cells to the top layer of the skin, preventing pigmentation and lines & wrinkles. With age after 25, ATP (cellular energy)/metabolism decrease – this is why line and wrinkles start to appear, because it takes longer for cells to move from 1-4. Studies have shown that women who eat a diet rich in calcium and magnesium have healthier skin with fewer, pigmentation and lines & wrinkles.

NeoLife CAL-MAG supplies calcium and magnesium for healthy cells, bones and teeth.

CAL-MAG supplies highly bioavailable calcium, magnesium and 500 IU vitamin D3 for strong bones & teeth and fresh new skin cells.

Supports and regulates Normal Blood Pressure, Optimal Nerve Function and Muscle Function. Reduce PMS Symptoms.

Research shows that adequate calcium and vitamin D as part of a healthy diet, along with physical activity, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis in later life.

Double amino acid chelation to promote fast dissolution and maximum absorption of minerals, calcium and magnesium.

Chelated minerals can yield up to 6 times the absorption rate of non-chelated minerals.


Take 3 tables daily in the evening before bed.

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  1. theunis@beautysuppliers

    Best natural calcium and magnesium supplement on the market. I can feel the difference they make in my sporting performance.

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