Retail Profit

Get 25-30% Discount when you order TRE-EN-EN (60 or 120 capsules) to sell at your salon or spa. 

Price per TRE-EN-EN (60 capsules) R218

A case is the best value to buy to sell for a retail profit: Order a case (102 PV) 6 x TRE-EN-EN (60 capsules) for R1257 - Free Delivery. It works out R210 for each. The suggested retail price is R262 when you sell it. You will make R52 profit x 6 = R312

Price per TRE-EN-EN (120 capsules) R396

A case is the best value to buy to sell for a retail profit. Order a case (272 PV) 8 x TRE-EN-EN (120 Capsules) for R3049 - Free Delivery. It works out R381 for each. The suggested retail price is R474 when you sell it. You make R93 profit x 8 = R744


Cash back

Get 3% to 25% Cash Back. This is just an example if you chose to sell TRE-EN-EN Capsules (60 or 120 capsules) at your spa or salon.

Each Neolife product has a different PV:

  • Singles: TRE-EN-EN (60 capsules) 17 PV and Tre-en-en (120 capsules) 34 PV.
  • Cases: 6 x TRE-EN-EN (60 capsules) 102 PV and 8 x Tre-en-en (120 capsules) 272 PV.

If you have ordered 4000 PV of TRE-EN-EN for a month to sell for Retail Profit your Sales Volume Bonus (Cash Back) is 25%: 4000 PV x 25% = $1000 (R14 000) per month. View the Sales Volume Bonus Chart on the right-hand side.

Remember there are a lot of different NeoLife products to sell. Use your retail profit and cashback each month, to order more products – this way your Retail Profit and Cash Back will increase.

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